By Danish Balani 

Government High School Helario Pir Meghwar Paro is deprived of all the basic facilities. The School, situated 23 KM from District Headquarter city Mithi, is facing a shortage of teachers, electricity, drinking water, science facilities and furniture.

For five major classes( grade six to 10), there must be enough highly qualified teachers who can teach the middle as well as secondary level science and arts subjects. But the school has only two teachers, out of which one is Junior School Teacher (JST) and other is Drawing Teacher (DT).

Total enrolled students in this school are 148 from grade six to 10th. School’s building is well built but the furniture for students is not sufficient. Benches for students are already very less in numbers and most of them are broken.

There is also lack of Science Laboratory and science equipment due to which students are unable to learn the basic concepts clearly. Matric students can’t prepare for their practical exams, costing them 90 marks.

There is also a lack of water facility for students. Mr. Nathoo Mal, Principal of the school, told PakVoices, “We are facing a major difficulty of having insufficient teachers,” adding,” Two teachers cannot run the five classes at a time, we request the higher authorities to provide teachers so that we can provide quality education to all enrolled students.”

Talking about the damaged furniture, the principal said, “We have also lack furniture for students and cannot manage all students easily using the available furniture.”

Natho Mal further said,” Understanding of science is growing in importance day by day so we request higher authorities to provide science lab so that students can be prepared to compete in this modern era.”

Students of Government. High school Helario Pir Meghwar Paro, Parkash S/O Mahavji grade Ten, Pirshotam S/O Jairam grade Ten , Kamlesh S/O Lachhman grade six, talking to PakVoices said,” Due to lack of teachers we can not learn all subjects, we think there should be enough teachers for different subjects.”

DEO (Secondary), Dolat Ram, talking to PakVoices said,”SNE of Government.High School Helario Pir Meghwar is not notified so we can not appoint teachers because finance department will not pay salaries till the notification.”

Danish Balani is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Mithi Tharparkar.