MARDAN: Katlang police recovered a 13-year old girl who was given in swara and arrested four culprits on Sunday.

The police took action after father of the girl submitted a complaint with District Police Officer saying that he had given his daughter Sana in Swara.

He said that the he took the step to save his son’s life and he regretted his decision and urged the police to recover his daughter.

The police learnt upon investigating that Sana was married to a 40-year old Inamullah against her choice. The police raided the house and recovered the girl, Inam, her father, brother and a Jirga elder. The girl was shifted to Darul Aman. It was learned that Sana’s brother Bakhtiar had illicit relationship with wife of Inam and the latter threatened him with dire consequences.

The Jirga decided that Inam would divorce his wife who would marry Bakhtiar while the latter would give his sister in swara.

Social activists Samar Minallah and Rakhshanda Naz condemned the incident and said that swara was an un-islamic, illegal and inhuman act.

They held society and social customs responsible for such customs and urged people to inform police whenever such incidents took place.

“The Supreme Court has formed committee to contain such cases that is yet to be operationalized,” Naz told TNN. Around 200 women have been killed in KP since last several years.

Courtesy: TNN