MANSEHRA: The police claimed to have resolved mystery of murder a 10th grader female student in Phalra and found that she was killed by her brother.

Family members of the deceased, 16-year old Neelum, earlier, claimed she had committed suicide.

Her dead body was recovered from a deserted house with a rope around her neck after which her father Adbur Rahman registered an FIR and declared it a suicide.

The police said the Neelum was bearing torture marks on her body after which the police started investigation and arrested her brother. During interrogation, her brother confessed to have killed her over a verbal brawl.

IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police had taken notice of the murder and directed District Police Officer Mansehra to investigate it from different angles. The police had interrogated relatives, neighbours and family friends of her father and developed suspicion on her brother.

Courtesy: TNN