By Nizam Rahim Baloch

These children learning English language skill in the remote village in Punjgur, Balochistan, can compete with any student studying in the modern English medium schools in the big cities.

Hammal Riaz is one of many learners of the language from the area, a talented student with a humble background, whose dream was to acquire education and learn the English language.

Hammal Riaz can speak English fluently like any other English medium student. Photo Credit: Nizam Baloch

Coming from underprivileged background, fulfillment of such a dream was not an easy task, especially living in a remote city of Panjgur.

Though education sector in Panjgur is facing multiple challenges, the trend of acquiring and imparting English is a ray of hope for many in this area

Behind the success of these students are a few unsung heroes who are paying back to their community by imparting the English language. One of such initiatives is Lucky English Language Academy, which has given a chance to many aspiring students such as Hammal to learn the language.

Riaz, a resident of Issai Alang, a remote village, and a student of level three at the Academy told PakVoices, “It has always been my dream to acquire education in a big city such as Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. But I could not afford to go there and decided to take admission in Punjgur.

He added, “Today I am able to speak and write English fluently and can deliver speeches confidently in front of students and teachers without any hesitation”

Students of Lucky English Academy learning and mastering the art of language. Photo Credit: Nizam Baloch

When I talked to the father of Hammal, who is a driver and transports goods of a merchant in Panjgur, I noticed that he also wished to see his son progressing like all other parents “I want to see my son as an officer so that he will not live a life like mine.”

Referring to his teacher, he said, “Sir Sabir Amin is our pride. I pay merely Rs100 per month as the fee for my child and in return, he is getting knowledge at this prestigious academy.”

Sabir Amin is the founder of Lucky English Academy in a backward area of Punjgur. Photo Credit: Nizam Baloch

Amin, who is the founder and director of the academy, spoke with PakVoices telling us what inspired him to open such an academy in this remote city.

“After completion of my education, I wanted to contribute to uplift my community, which is underprivileged.”

“When I took this initiative, I had no resources or proper place to launch the academy.”

So far 2200 students have received coaching in his academy since it was launched in 1997. Explaining how his academy has helped students to pass public service exams and become bureaucrats, Amin said, “many of my students are serving in federal and provincial services by passing competitive exams, some are serving in education sector as lecturer and teachers, some are serving in armed forces and some are studying at prestigious educational institutes in Pakistan.”

Sabir Amin sharing his vision with PakVoices told me, “I would keep working on my vision of serving my community.”

Telling the secret of success of his students in English, he said, “We merely do not teach the language rather we give special emphasis on grooming and building up the confidence of the students so they feel at ease with the English while speaking.”

Like many other successful students of the academy, Riaz also hopes to overcome all barriers and fulfill his dreams of becoming what he aspires and his father wishes him to.

About Author: Nizam Baloch is a citizen journalist based in Punjgur, reporting for PakVoices.

Edited by: Aneela Riazuddin