CHARSADDA: Like other parts of the country, people of the Charsadda district, especially children have started the flying kites to enjoy the pring season.
Roofs and grounds of the Charsadda are seen full of people, especially children and youngsters engaged in flying kites.

The kite flyers fighting their kites to bring down its opponent kites by cutting its line. The participants and spectators were looking exceptionally enthusiastic during flying kites. The children said that they are enjoying contest in order to save their kites and bring the other person’s kite down.

On one side, the kite flying bring happiness on the faces of children and youngsters, on other side the fun has caused several incidents. According to reports, more than 17 children were being killed due to cut by chemical-coated string, electrocuted or falling from the rooftops.

The Umarzai Police Station SHO Manzoor Khan said that section 144 has been imposed in the district and selling of kites has been banned.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for occasional training, Arshad Umerzai told TNN that he had raised the issue at assembly floor and legislation will be made in this regard.

Courtesy: TNN