By Suleman Hashim 


Kapesi Beach in Gwadar is a gem of a place for tourists. The sight of setting sun is mesmerizing here. It’s a unique place for visitors and people from all over Pakistan come here with their families to enjoy its natural beauty. It’s a blissful refuge from the routine burdens of life.

People start gathering here in the afternoon and the beach remains populated well after the sunset. In the evening, you could see students studying in groups, amateur fishermen dragging and wrapping their fishing lines, the beautiful clean red sand, rare tortoises crawling in search of food or burying their eggs in the sand for hatching and a lot of tourist families relaxing on the beach.

The visitors can also view a lot of marine traffic from Kapesi beach. It lies en-route to Iran, Oman, UAE and other ports of the Arabian Sea. People on the beach keep guessing as to where the ships are going.

 Rasheed Kiani a visitor from Islamabad is a fan of the beauty of Kapesi Beach. He exclaimed, “Every year in December I come here with my family. For the last three years, we have visited this beach regularly. We stay here for a few days and go back home. When I go back, I show the photographs to my friends and families, they are surprised by the beauty of the beach. They can’t believe that there are such beautiful beaches in our country.”

Pak Voices spoke to Dr Aziz, who is a medical consultant. He voiced the health benefits of visiting beaches. “Everyone has some worries in life. However, a walk around a nice beach such as Kapesi can help us overcome stress and get fresh. We become active and healthy. Walking around the beach in daylight helps us get vitamin D which essential for healthy bones and strengthens our immunity.”

Though a gem a natural beauty needs a lot of attention from the authorities. There are no shops or restaurants near here. If people need anything they have to go a long way to get it.

 The stairs that lead to the beach are crumbling and most of the sections are unusable. Children and even adults have to struggle to get to and from the beach.

Kapesi beach also needs proper cleaning system. Visitors can’t find a lot of trash disposing facilities.

However, it is impossible to keep the beach clean without visitors’ cooperation. A lot of people claim that tourists leave trash and garbage on the beach which is indeed a crime towards nature and other visitors.

Mohammad Furqan a well-travelled tourist was of the opinion, “I have visited a lot of beaches around the world. If Kapsi Beach is developed and kept clean, it is definitely one of the most beautiful places of the sub-continent.”