By Arif Noor

Pak Voices, Gwadar

The beach attracts a lot of locals with families for sight-seeing on the weekends. Photo Credit: Jalil Johar 

Gwadar is surrounded by water on three sides like a peninsula and its famous coastline has 60 kilometers stretch. The sight of Deemizar, Padizar, Capsi, Graab and Kallag beaches lures everyone.

Kallag Beach is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches of Balochistan which lies in the heart of Bateel Mountain next to Padizar coast.

People collect sea shells and turn them into different kinds of handicrafts. Photo Credit: Arif Noor

If anyone wants to go for sightseeing, Kallag Beach is the first choice, for its attractive sights and easy access.

A beautiful scene of children playing with sea shells at Kallag Beach. Photo credit: Jalil Johar

Abdul Rahman a visitor at the beach spoke to Pak Voices, “You feel peaceful and serene here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

People are attracted by the captivating sights of the beach and come here with their families for a picnic.

A Gwadar resident Ali Mohammad often comes at the beach for fishing. He told Pak Voices, “There is a local, traditional way of catching fish. We use a piece of flour dough at the hook, the fish is attracted towards it and later the catch is cooked at home.”

He said that they enjoy the time spent at the beach and feel the freshness.

The sea shells lie spread along the beach line and people enjoy playing with them and making different artifacts using them.

Yousaf Ameen another beach visitor said, “The crystal clear and sparkling blue water at the beach soothes our eyes and gives a tranquil feeling.”

A fascinating view of the sunset at the Kallag Beach. Photo Credit: Arif Noor

The half entombed stones in the sandy soil of the beach add to its beauty. It’s magnificent to stand atop them and enjoy the sight of the stunning beach.

The sight of the sun setting at the beach is so striking that the tourist leaves the place with the memorable moment for years to come.

Arif Noor works as a citizen journalist with Pak Voices from Gwadar city.

Translated by Tariq Mehmood



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