Badil Baloch

Heavy rainfall in Gwadar district displaced 200 people in Syed Abad, a city of Ormara. Rainfall in Ormara happened alongside other cities of Balochistan however the condition has worsened due to weak infrastructure and lack of facilitation services available in the region.


The residents of Ormara have been facing issues due to the urban flooding in the city. People of Syed Abad, a low-lying area situated few kilometers from Ormara Tehsil have been heavily affected. Similarly, a lot of houses have also been affected in the region. The residents have been forced to evacuate their homes in fear of floods due to more rain in the future.


The rain prediction had been issued for Sindh and Balochistan specifically Gwadar, Ormara and Khuzdar two days ago. It had been said that an eastern system will bring torrential rain along with heavy winds in the region for two days. However no precautionary measures were taken in the region.

The destruction in the area is most probably owed to the absence of a protection wall which is needed to stop the flood water from entering into the residences. The flood wall can be constructed with the use of concrete material or sand as well. In such unpredictable weather conditions, a flood wall has become a necessity to avert any danger caused by the floods.


In view of the current condition, locals of Syed Abad have put forth demands to the government to ensure building a flood wall so that their homes can be protected from floods in the future. The government must therefore take speedy action before a calamity strikes


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