By Barkat Ullah Baloch  

Pishukan situated at a 35-kilometer distance from Gwadar city is still deprived of basic facilities of a health center even today which is causing a lot of difficulties to the residents of Pishkan.

The total population of Pishukan is more than 15 thousand but only one Basic Health Unit is available which is also facing a shortage of staff, doctors and facilities.

UC chairman Pishukan AyubBalochh told to Pak Voices, there is just one doctor at the center and many patients have to return without treatment due to a burden of increasing number of patients.”

He further said there is nothing found in hospital neither an x-ray machine nor test facilities and patients have no option but to head out to Gwadar city for a minor test or an x-ray.

Often women come to BHU but there is a scarcity of even a lady doctor. In this way, women too suffer problems in delivery cases issues.

It’s also worth noting that so easily that the whole district Gwadar has 18 to 21 such BHUs where no lady doctor is found or available.

District health officer Asif Shahwani talked to Pak Voices, acknowledging that “There are many problems in Pishkan and I have been struggling to sort them out.”

He added, “Pishukan BHU needs to be upgraded into RHC and that recommendation is sent to provincial govt. As it upgrades many issues will b sorted out like doctor Issues.”

He further said “due to a shortage of technical staff, no test could be conducted at the BHU. So we are training Pishukan staff at Gwadar hospital.”