By Dharmindar Balach

Pak Voices, Rahim Yar Khan

The child is calling for a worship by blowing Sankh, a conch shell used in traditional Hindu gatherings.

The government has taken notice on a report published on and has re-opened three Hindu temples for worship in the district Rahim Yar Khan which remained closed for the last three years.

According to the details, Kabeer Temple of Aman Garh area, Eishwar Bhaggat Temple of Mid-Deena Bismallah Pur and Sadaram Temple in Parsan village have been re-opened for religious worship. After the permission to open these temples, the Hindu community of Cholistan organised a puja or worship at the temple on Monday.

Pak Voices had published a special report on June 13 about the closure of Hindu temples in Rahim Yar Khan. The report mentioned that the district administration was not satisfied with the security arrangements done by Hindu Community on their own, sealing Kabeer Temple and Ishwar Bhaggat Temple completely and Sadaram Temple partly. According to the report, Kabeer temple had been closed in 2015 whereas Ishwar Bhaggat Temple had been shut down in 2014.

The Hindu community in Basti thanked PakVoices for reporting and highlighting the issue of temples’ closure.

On the issue, the district administration did not respond to repeated requests by the Pak Voices. Taking action on the report, police high-ups swung into action by ordering inspection of the sites.

Earlier the district admin had asked the Hindu community to arrange the security of the temples on their own as reported by the Pak Voices.

The Hindu community attached a great significance to the temple as it had become a community center.

When this issue was brought to the notice of Zeeshan Asghar, District Police Officer (DPO) Rahim Yar Khan, he took immediate action and constituted a special team for inspection of security arrangements at the temples. The police team visited Kabeer Temple in Aman Garh last week and presented their report regarding the security arrangements.

The DPO called on the Hindu delegation led by the temple administer Arjun G Mangi who briefed the former about the closed temples. Mangi told the official that at least three temples have remained closed for the last three years, as the Hindu community does not have sufficient resources to meet the security standards prescribed by the district administration.

Arjun Mangi, the manager of the temple, is taking the Hindu community into confidence regarding the steps taken by the government after his meeting with the officials.

The DPO assured the Hindu community that temples would be re-opened and the security would be provided by the police. He elaborated, “Now you can worship, arrange your festivals peacefully and freely. Police would provide complete protection.”

The temple building is in disarray as it has remained closed for two years. But the Hindu community wants to restore the temple to its original state.

The Hindu community was delighted at the news of the temples’ re-opening as the young people are seen dancing at the temple.

Sada Ram Temple and Ishwar Bhaggat temples have also been re-opened after police clearance, police told Pak Voices.

Mangi, the temple admin thanked PakVoices for highlighting the issue saying, “Taking notice of the Pak Voices report, the government called us to the office and allowed us to worship in Kabeer Temple without any conditions.”

The delegation of the Hindu community that visited the district police office comprised of Preetam Das Balach, Jagdeep Kumar, Devan Chand, Dev Raj Mangi, Rajindar Balach, Ashok Kumar and other notables.

The Hindu community congregated in the house of Bhagwan and congratulated each other when the temple was finally re-opened on Monday.

Dharmindar Balach works as a citizen journalist for Pak Voices from Rahim Yar Khan.

Edited by Hasan Khan