Sajid Bajeer

Pak Voices, Mithi

Protesters holding placards demanding to stop forced conversion of Hindu girls.

Caption: A large number of people from Hindu community and Civil Society joined in the demonstration demanding the recovery of the young Hindu girl.

Members of Civil Society and the family of the 16 years old Hindu girl held a demonstration in Kashmir Chowk of Mithi, in Tharparkar and demanded her recovery and the arrest of the criminals. The demonstrators took a rally from National Bank Mithi to Kashmir Chowk and staged a sit-in for two hours at least.

A large number of you men and women from the Hindu community took part in the protest and chanted slogans against the police and the feudal lords. The girl’s mother explained to the crowd how the young girl had been forcefully kidnapped from her home.

The protests follow the kidnapping of the teenage Hindu girl Ravita Maghwar. After that, she was forcibly converted and married off to a Muslim man named Syed Nawaz Ali Shah.

A large number of people took part in the protest called to demand the recovery of the kidnapped Hindu girl.

According to her primary school certificate, provided by her family, her age is put at just 16 years old while it is mentioned “approximately 18 years” on the marriage certificate.

The parents of the girl registered an FIR against Syed Nawaz Ali Shah and three other people but none of them has been arrested yet.

The girl’s mother says that the Hindu minority feels very insecure after the incident and has demanded justice form the government.

The demonstrators were holding placards and banners, asking for the security and protection of Hindu minority and stopping the forced conversions.

Hindu community is feeling insecure after the incident, tells the mother of Ravita Meghwar

Representing the civil society, Tusli Balani, Gomun Mill Bhel, Deoji Mill and Akaash Hameerani said that Islam gives a message of peace and calls for the protection of minorities. The said the constitution of Pakistan also provides protection to the minorities.

They further explained that the minimum legal age for marriage and religious conversion is 18 years. But the Hindu girl was forcibly converted and married off when she was just 16. The said that even she is not being allowed to meet her parents yet.

The protestors warned that if the culprits are not arrested, they will start a protest movement. The civil society regretted that the police has not taken any action against the culprits up till now. They demanded the removal of the SHO for his alleged partisan approach.

They alleged that some influential people are considering Hindu girls as “war spoils” and it has become a routine matter.

The protesters said, “The worst things is that they forcibly convert minor girls for marriage”. They demanded that the girl must be handed over to the court for custody and allowed to meet her parents arresting the culprits.

Sajid Bajeer works as a citizen journalist for Pak Voices in Tharparker. 

Translated by Tariq Mahmood