CHARSADDA: A 15-year-old girl has accused two young men of stripping her naked with the intension of raping her in the jurisdiction of Prang Police Station in Charsadda.

The girl, Ayesha told police that Wasif and Azam barged into her house and forcibly undressed her on gunpoint in a bid to rape her when the earthquake struck forcing them to flee the scene. She alleged that the accused also made her video while being naked.

Police said the medical report didn’t confirm that the girl had been raped.

A case has been registered against the accused on the complaint of the mother of the victim girl and raids are being conducted to arrest the accused.

The girl’s mother said she had gone out of her home to participate in a Khatmul Quran ceremony when the incident happened.

“I am a very poor woman and I would have left the area if I could afford it. The culprits told me that they have made video of my daughter and also threatened me and my brother of dire consequences if i told police,” she told TNN.

Inspector General Police Salahuddin Mehsud has taken notice of the matter ordered the district police officer (DPO) to arrest the accused at the earliest.

Police said one of the accused has been arrested.

Courtesy: TNN