Skardu: Five young members of an extended family belonging to Gultari Valley have gone missing after a flood hit Sadpara region yesterday.

Ghulam Muhammad, a resident of Gultari, told Pamir Times that the youth were coming to Sadpara from Gultari, to attend a wedding. They had to leave their vehicle and walk on foot due to landslide and flood. Since then they have gone missing.

One of their companions has reportedly reached Sadpara, but no trace of the remaining five could be found.

The missing people, who may be stranded somewhere, have been identified as Haider, Asif, Mukhtar, Zeeshan, and a son of Haider.

The youth are missing since 5pm last evening.

Locals of Gultari are trying to locate and rescue the missing people, without success.

Courtesy: Pamir Times