An image went viral on social media claiming Paypal criticized IT Minister Umar Saif for using a VPN to tweet inviting Paypal to start operations in Pakistan.


On X (formerly Twitter), the image was shared here, here, here and here gaining upwards of more than 4.5K views.

On Instagram and Facebook here and here

Fact Check:

To verify the claim, we searched for @paypal’s replies to @umarsaif using X (formerly Twitter) advanced search to find such tweets, and it returned “No Results.” Despite the fact that even if the original tweet is deleted, the replying tweet is still visible, but in this case, we didn’t find any mention from @paypal quoting @UmarSaif in any of their tweets..

Furthermore we checked official X(formerly Twitter) handle of IT Minster Umar Saif (@umarsaif) and found that Umar Saif have also refuted such claims.





Our research confirmed that a doctored/edited image of Tweets by Paypal and IT Minister Umar Saif has surfaced to propagate false and defamatory claims.