Poet: Hazrat Hassan Ibn-e-Sabbah (RA)

Translation: Zahid Ali Nizari

مناجات: خداوندا! تو سلطان کریمی!

O Lord, Thou art the King___ Kind and Supreme!

Thou art (in) Bism Illah-ir- Rahman-ir-Rahim

Forgive this weak and sinful servant like me

O Forgiver! O kind! O Lord! After all Thou art my God

I am drowned in the ocean of sins

Thou know how to cure my black (bad) luck

I sigh, cry and implore with grief now

My ignorance has kept me from treasure trove

Now I can’t find any other path than Yours

I can’t find any other court than Yours

Nothing comes to my mind as to what to do now

O Allah! Hold my hand with Thy benevolence

For the sake of Thy attributes which are beyond imagination

Thou are manifest through Guidance as Designation

For the sake of Thy attribute as Forgiver and Concealer (of sins)

Don’t seize me for my imperfection and sins

O my Lord! After I leave this temporal frame

Grant me space among Thy beloved servants

Syedina prays to Thee for his wishes to be fulfilled

In response to these supplications, grant me what I seek

For the sake of the meditation and prayer in the religious circle

O Lord! Accept my supplications, Aameen!

Courtesy: Pamir Times