PESHAWAR: The unprepared Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department seems unable to control the outbreak of dengue fever as 700 patients have been tested positive since last one month.

According to official of Khyber Teaching Hospital, around 3000 patients are brought to the hospital of which 700 were tested dengue positive.

Currently, around 130 patients have been under treatment in different hospitals of the provincial capital.

It is learnt that most of patients are belonging to Tehkal locality of Peshawar. Locals complained that substandard anti-mosquito chemicals were being used in fumigation with no improvement in the locality.

Besides, they said that proper treatment was not being provided to the patients in hospitals due to which five patients have lost their lives.

Meanwhile, resident of the locality have set up a protest camp and staged a protest against government’s failure to control the virus.

The protesters chanted slogans chanted Go Imran Go slogans and were holding placards inscribed with anti-government slogans.

They also chanted slogans against chief minister and district nazim and complained that the dengue virus has become an outbreak. They said that district and health administration officials visit the area for photo session. “District nazim Arbab Asim cancelled his visit to the area fearing he may attract dengue fever,” commented a local resident Irfan Khan.

He demanded of the government to take proper step to control the disease.

Courtesy: TNN