PESHAWAR: The drug stores owners on Tuesday closed their stores and staged protests for an indefinite period throughout Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to record their protest against the Drug Act 2018 due to which the customers struggled to find medicines.

In Mardan, the drug stores owners staged protest in front of Mardan Medical Complex after closing their stores. The protesters said the agitation is being held under the banner of KP All Chemist and Druggist Association against the Drug Act 2018 which has deprived them of their rights. They said similar protests have also been held in front of other major hospitals throughout the province. They said the conditions imposed in the new Act are unacceptable for them.

They demanded the government to restore the Drug Act of 1982. They said they will continue their protest till acceptance of their demands and the government will be responsible for any loss during the agitation.

The drug stores owners also observed complete shutter down strike in Charsadda and staged a protest camp in Peshawar. They said they will not give even a single pill to any customer until acceptance of their demands.

Drug stores in Nowshera also remained closed due to strike of chemists due to which the people faced difficulties. The drug stores owners were also staging sit-in in favour of their demands.

Courtesy: TNN