As the COVID-19 cases are rising in Pakistan, there has been a surge in fake and  misleading news on the social media platforms. Majority of these posts include claims for its cure and some of the posts even claim that the pandemic is a hoax or a conspiracy. Out of several cures being circulated on social media, use of Senna tea or Sana Makki is the latest one.

The claim by herbal doctor hailing from UK, Nazir Ahmed about curing coronavirus patients with herbal tea made by the leaves of Senna plant was widely spread on various social media platforms and instant messaging services . The video had 100,000 views on YouTube alone.

It is a known fact that there is no cure for this deadly virus as yet. Though the herbs laden with anti-inflammatory properties boosts immunity and has a number of benefits related to gastrointestinal issues, it is not a cure for coronavirus. Therefore, the claim of curing coronavirus by using Senna plant is misleading and therefore refuted.