PESHAWAR: The residents of Mulagori area of Khyber Agency have voiced their concern over the closure of Girls Primary School and threatened to boycott from polio campaigns if the government failed to meet their needs.

Shah Alam Girls Primary School Mulagori has become a ghost school after its closure for the past three years depriving hundreds of girls of education.

The locals have voiced concern over the closure of the school and demanded revival and reopening of the school but all these efforts proved futile.

“With the help of Agency Education Officer and Political Agent, we have written applications to Fata Secretariat and Governor but all in vain”, lamented the parents of the girls.

Shah Alam Primary School comprised two rooms that hosted around 250 girls in 2005. However, in year 2015, the authorities barged in and closed the school due to unknown reasons, said the locals.

They further added that education and other government officials had payed several visits to the school but they failed to help the school reopened.

It is pertinent to note that three months ago, the locals had boycotted from the polio campaign for the same reason. However they ended their boycott after officials of political administration and local elders jumped in and assured the locals to resolve the matter.

The people from FATA and KP have been using boycot of polio campaigns as bargaining chip in order to force the government to address their issues.

One of the most unique case happened in Khar tehsil of Bajaur Agency in February 2016, parents held a sit in against prolong load shedding and threatened to stopn administering polio drops to their children if the issue was not resolved.

Recently, families in Lakki Marwat boycotted polio campaign as their children could not study during the school examinations due to long hours of load shedding. They threatened the government to halt load shedding or else they would boycott from the polio drive.

Analysts has condemned such bargaining ways of fulfilling the demands and stressed the need to stop this act. The experts believe that the parents are supposed to think critically as they are only going to harm their children by doing these silly acts.

Courtesy: TNN