KARAK: The Administration of Khushal Khan Khattak University in Karak district has prohibited male students from sitting idly or roaming with girl students  and for this purpose a separate space has been created  for female students in the main library in the campus.

A notification issued by the office of Chief Proctor on October 23, 2018, said that several complaints had been received about inappropriate environment as rule of silence was violated by few students having company of friends or female in the library. Therefore, the office recommended that students should be strictly warned of doing any such activities that may cause disturbance in the library, the notification said and added that upon failure of obeying the order, strict disciplinary action may be processed against the violator through the office of chief proctor.

The letter also directed setting up of specified place for female students in order to maintain discipline in the library. It said that no male students would be allowed to sit in the separate space for girl students in the library.

Courtesy: TNN