By Waleed Khan 

Bhong Mosque is said to be constructed over the period of nearly 50 years (1932-1982).

Bhong Mosque is located in the village of Bhong in Sadiqabad Tehsil, almost 50 kilometers from Rahim Yar Khan, Southern Punjab.

A wealthy landlord, Sardar Rias Ghazi, commissioned the construction of the mosque which he wanted to be the jewel of his palace compound where a mosque and a madrassa already existed. Being a designer and a patron, he conceived, directed and funded the entire construction of the mosque.

The construction was done by the architects from India and Pakistan.

The mosque attracts the attention for its exquisite design and architectural beauty with the intricate patterns. PakVoices prepared a photo feature showcasing rich Islamic tradition of calligraphy.


Master masons from Rajasthan, India came to work on the mosque. The mosque has traditional Islamic minarets showing Islamic architectural beauty. 


The interior of the mosque has gold leaves carved making fine patterns.


Islamic calligraphic work is also on display at the mosque.


The craftsmen from Multan worked on the glazed tiles for the mosque.


The mosque has a great potential to attract tourists but many do not know much about this hidden jewel.


Sardar Rias idea was to use as many forms of popular craft and Islamic architectural features as possible.


Waleed Khan is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan. 

All photos by the author