KHAR: Bajaur Youth Jirga on Sunday unanimously passed a resolution and urged the federal and provincial governments to extend civil law to tribal districts.

The Peshawar High Court has declared Interim Governance Regulation null and void therefore the government should immediately extend civil laws to the tribal districts.

The resolution was passed during a meeting of the Jirga held here at District Headquarters Hospital. It asking the government to speed up mainstreaming of tribal areas.

The resolution demanded the high court has abolished Interim Governance Regulations, which according to them, was as draconian as the abolished Frontier Crimes Regulation. “Unfortunately, the Civil Law is yet to be extended to the tribal districts,” it said.

It urged the government to bring back all Levies personnel on duty outside Bajaur district and should be deployed within the district.

“Government is duty bound to provide security to our political leaders, tribal elders and anyone who need it as it is state’s responsibility to protect its citizens’ life and property,” the resolution read.

The resolution asked that Levies personnel deployed on duty of bureaucrats and district officers should be called be back and task to them provide security to general public.

The Jirga asked the provincial government to form a committee to decide future of Khasadar force by giving promotion who deserve it and terminate proxies.

Courtesy: TNN