Gul Hamad Farooqi

CHITRAL: One person killed and two other injured when an avalanche set off by heavy snowfall slammed into the Suraj Bala village in Reech valley of Chitral today morning.

Former Nazim UC Khot, Imran Ali Shah informed the media that the avalanche hit Khot village in Reech valley. The dead was identified as Nazak Wali Shah and the two injured were Azam Khan and Qurban Sharif. The dead body and injured persons were retrieved by local volunteers from the avalanche.

Zafarullah, a social activist, informed the media that collapse of the roof of a warehouse buried many wheat bags in Terich valley . He said that all the main roads and link roads remained closed due to heavy snowfall and land sliding in the valley. He said road blockage has caused food shortage in the area.

Meanwhile, snowfall continued in Yarkhoon Lasht and Kankhoon valley since last night blocking all the roads in the area. Rain fall has increased miseries of local people in other areas of Chitral.

Muhammad Ilyas, Nazim of UC Kan Khon informed this scribe on phone that the snowfall has caused nuisance for people in the locality. He said there is acute shortage of edible item as well as life saving drugs in the area.

Mir Rahim, President of Brep Cluster and President of APML Mastuj chapter informed on phone that Upper Chitral area from Zhopu to Broghil received more than 4 feet snow. He said that there is acute shortage of wheat in warehouses and all roads of the valley remained block due to snowfall and landsliding at different places. He appealed to the federal and provincial governments for supply of food items and medicines for the besieged people of the valley through helicopter. He also demanded for early opening of roads heading to Zhopu, Brep, Kankhon, Yarkhun Lasht and Broghul to save the people from starvation.

Courtesy: Pamir Times