By Balach Qadir

Gwadar: Dengue virus has affected at least 60 people in Gwadar town alone. According to the patients, there is a lack of a particular blood test facility required for the diagnosis of dengue virus in the government hospitals of the region which is adding to the difficulties.

MS Civil Hospital, Gwadar doctor Abdul Lateef Dashti confirmed that the hospital has received 60 patients of dengue virus so far this season. The patients coming from Gwadar are mostly from the areas Dhor and Faqeer Colony.

The focal person of District Health Office (DHO), Dr. Abdul Waahid, while talking to Pak Voices said, “the biggest reason for the production of these dengue mosquitoes is construction work the mosquitoes are bred in the water tankers”.

There is no facility for the blood test of dengue virus at District Headquarter Hospital Gwadar.

Talking about this, Dr. Abdul Lateef said, “The government has not provided the facility of blood test which is creating a lot of difficulty for the diagnosis of dengue virus, however through Complete Blood Cell (CBC) count facility in the hospital, we can identify if the patient has a dengue virus or not.”

When the focal person of DHO, Dr. Abdul Wahid Baloch was inquired about the cases of dengue in the previous three months, he said, “it is difficult to estimate the number of patients as they are being treated at Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) hospital and various other private hospitals.”

According to Dr. Abdul Lateef, dengue fever is intensified due to the weakening and death of white blood cells in the body and the patient is in need of white blood cells in order to cope with it.

He added that while there is no particular treatment for dengue but the patient can be treated by giving ample juice, water and a supply of drips.

Dr. Wahid said that many areas are being sprayed with the cooperation of Health Municipality Corporation Gwadar so as to control the spread of dengue virus.

Balaach Qadir is working with Pak Voices as a citizen journalist from Gwadar town.