By Nizam Rahim

PTCL office in Gwadar town. Photo by Suleman Hashim

Reportedly, 3G and 4G mobile services were suspended in border districts of Balochistan including Chaman, Chagi and Pishin due to security reasons. However, in Panjgur internet connection started working slow on Wednesday morning. In some areas of the district, the 3G and DSL connections have been suspended too.

Yasim Baloch, preparing for an exam spoke with Pak Voices about the problems he faced while accessing internet via his mobile data, “I tried to download video lectures to support my notes but the connection was lost this morning.”

It is pertinent here to mention that it is not for the first time that internet connection has been suspended in Panjgur. However, before it was due to technical problems in fiber optics but it is for the first time that security reason is being cited according to the media reports.

Besides 3G and 4G, some people are also reporting PTCL broadband internet connectivity issues in different parts of the province. Armaan Baloch, working in a local transport company in Panjgur, said, “We do our business online as well with many dealers across the country. We do business through banks.”

“Due to internet connection problem, banks are unable to process our transactions, so we are facing problems to do our business. It is affecting our business badly,” he added.

He also pleaded, “We request to the authorities to find a solution to this issue as soon as possible.”

Anwar Baloch, who was in the bank to submit his fee for a job in Open Testing Service (OTS) spoke with Pak Voices with a disappointing tone, “The last date to apply is 26 of this month, my documents are ready but I’m unable to send it due to internet problem.”

He explained, “I have to send my documents along with OTS bank copy via TCS to Islamabad. If I will not send it by today, I would miss the opportunity”

When I tried to reach out to the PTCL officials in Panjgur, I found out that there is no Sub Divisional Officer of PTCL appointed.

There are a couple of telephone operators at PTCL who have been forced to do all work in Panjgur which is beyond their capacity, complain people. Many people told us that when they call PTCL office for internet connection, mostly their calls are not entertained.

One of telephone operators on condition of anonymity spoke with Pak Voices saying, “Since, internet connection is suspended, subscribers are contacting us and we are told by the higher authorities that there are few issues in internet connection which would be solved.”

When we approached Uphone in Gwadar to know the reason of disruption in 3G and 4G service in different parts, Aslam Khan, a representative of the company told us: “We have also received such information and if 3G or 4G service is suspended, our company would suffer huge loss as we have installed towers for this.”

PakVoices talked to the Gwadar Press Club president Bahram Baloch who said, “I don’t think that the federal government would resort to such (suspension of 3G or 4G) practice as the world has become a global village.”

Nizam Rahim reported from Punjgur and Suleman Hashim contributed to this report from Gwadar.  

Edited by Hasan Khan