Imran Kumar

A 13-year old Christian girl was abducted outside of her home in Karachi by 44-year old Ali Azhar who later forcefully converted and married the girl. Two days later, the girl’s parents were informed about the incident.

According to the details, Arzoo Masih was abducted by Ali Azhar, a local Muslim man, while she was playing outside of her home in Karachi. Arzoo’s parents immediately filed a kidnapping complaint with local police. Two days later, police summoned Arzoo’s parents to the station where they presented the couple with marriage and conversion documents. These documents claimed Arzoo was 18 and that she had converted to Islam and married Azhar willingly.

Christian community has raised serious concerns on the incident as the incidents of forced conversion and forced marriages have been increasing every year. “When a children under 18 years of age can’t cast the vote or drive a car, then how she can be converted and married?”, a Christian activist said. He further added that, we are also residents of Pakistan and we should enjoy equal rights and our religion must be respected.

The community demanded Prime Minister of Pakistan and government to take action against growing incidents of forced conversion and forced marriages and culprits must be punished according to law.