Gilgit: In a shocking incident, a 10-year-old child has reportedly been beaten to pulp, and thrown into a glacial stream at a picnic resort at the outskirts of Gilgit city, for entering the property without permission.

According to details, two children entered the resort located near Usmanabad Bridge in Jagir Baseen, at the outskirt of Gilgit city, without permission of the owner. One of the children was beaten severely and then thrown in a glacial stream flowing nearby. The other child reportedly witnessed the incident.

Rescuers and locals of the area started searching for the boy after hearing the tragic news. The body of the child, identified as Muhammad Naeem, thrown in to the stream was not found till posting of this report.

Local journalists have quoted unnamed police sources as saying that the suspect, allegedly a waiter of the hotel, has been arrested for the heinous crime, and an investigation has been launched to ascertain facts and identify the criminal.

Earlier reports had mentioned the owner of the resort as the offender. However, journalists have quoted unnamed police sources as saying that the suspect is Sahib Jan, an employee of the resort.

Human rights workers and political leaders have demanded transparent investigation of the crime to ensure that the culprits are given exemplary punishment for the abhorrent crime.

The Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan and the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) have taken suo-moto notice of the incident and ordered the police to investigate the case and present a report on emergency basis.

Courtesy: Pamir Times