By Atta Mehar
With no classrooms, no students, no walls, no windows or floors or chalkboards, a primary school in a village Kahnasar in picturesque Gwargo tehsil, Panjgur, looks like as if it was bombed in a war.
There is nothing left in the school more than bricks and mortar. When I reached the school for making my report for PakVoices, I felt as if the school had been bombed given the decaying structure of the building. Outside, children could be seen playing and roaming around the area. With no other school in the area, children are deprived of basic education.
The classroom of the school has neither the roof nor windows and doors. Photo Credit: Atta Mehar
Now both girls and boys are out of the school as Government Primary School Gwargo, was the only primary school catering to both boys and girls in the area.
Gwargo, is a beautiful tehsil of District Panjgur, located behind the two mountain peaks of Lagir and Jawadug. Gwargo River, which passes through the Tehsil, is the main source for irrigation and cultivation of land in the area. The people live along both sides of the river in makeshift huts and mud houses. As the area is far away from the city it lacks basic amenities as well as education facilities.
The building of the school appears as if it was destroyed in a war. Photo Credit: Atta Mehar
Hayat Dur Mohammad, whose five children were enrolled in the school, talked to PakVoices saying, “When the school was running, his children were learning something.”
“Now all his children do is play around or help him plow the fields,” he added.
The doors of the toilet of the school have also been stolen. Photo Credit: Atta Mehar
Nearly all the children of the area are more or less doing the same thing, he told PakVoices.
When I asked about the deteriorating state of the school, locals told me that people ripped out the window panes, doors and other items to build their own homes.
These boys and girls were seen roaming around since the only school in the area has been non-functional. Photo Credit: Atta Mehar
On the other hand, when contacted an official of Education department, on the condition of anonymity, said that the school not only exists in the official record but the staff including the principal, teachers and watchman is also drawing salaries every month. He added, “large funds are dolled out in the name of buying equipment for the school but it’s anybody’s guess where the money goes.”
Mohammad is still hopeful that one day his children would resume their studies: “I wish to send my kids back to the same school that used to operate very well providing education.”
Atta Mehar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur.
Translated by Aneela Riazuddin