By Nazar Abbas 

Many government schools have developed cracks making them unsafe.

According to a report issued by The Education Department, Rahim Yar Khan, the condition of 237 Government High Schools out of a total of 596 has been declared unsatisfactory and dangerous for students.

Buildings of 18 Schools are badly damaged where students can no longer continue studies whereas buildings of more than 60 schools are in such condition of wear and tear that they can cave in anytime.

The plaster or even a fan has also fallen on the students causing minor injuries.

Reportedly, there have been incidents of falling fans and plasters upon students causing injuries. The Provincial Government has provided funds every year for the renovation of schools but these funds have not been utilized properly.

According to the sources in the Education Department, higher officials have got registered general order supplier firms by fake identities which generate fake bills worth of millions of RS resulting in corruption in schools’ renovation funds.

Many students have been forced to study outside in the open sky.

The condition of government schools in Rahim Yar Khan is getting worse every year. PakVoices contacted Mukhtar Hussain, Chief Executive Officer Education of the district who told PakVoices, “I am overseeing school funds myself,” adding, “Letter for the renovation of schools’ buildings has been written to the Punjab Education Department.”

Raja Arbab, the father of a student, told PakVoices, “Government should take immediate notice about the funds of the education department,” suggesting, “Crumbling buildings should be brought down to avoid any accident and new buildings should be constructed.”

Nazar Abbas is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from South Punjab.

Translated by Suleman Tahir