By Shahnawaz Shan
The Government Primary School, Sairki has remained locked for many years, according to the locals.
The city of Ormara in Gwadar district of Balochistan is known for its largest Naval base of Pakistan or Naval cadet colleges. But in this city, there are several government schools, which are only in name or on papers because they have never been operational for classes.
The Government Boys Secondary School in Sairki, is not different from such schools presenting a ghost picture.
The building of the Government Girls Primary School, Kuntangi has cracks appeared on its facade.
According to Education department, there are total 31 schools Functional in Ormara of which there are 2 boys’ high schools, 2 model schools, 1 girl’s high school, 7 girl’s primary schools and 19 boy’s primary schools.
The condition of high schools and model school are comparatively better than primary schools, which are not in good shape. Some schools don’t have even the boundary walls while the ceiling of some schools leaks during rainfall.
The Government Girls Primary School’s roof leaks during the rainfall.
Walls of the Government school Sairki also have cracks and the school has never been used for educational activities.
Due to this reason, students are forced to continue education in mosques and prayer halls. One teacher said, “The condition of the building of the school is worse, that is the reason we are forced to take classes under the open sky.”
The building of the Government Girls Primary School, Ghazi Lane is also in bad shape.
When PakVoices reporter talked to the Deputy Director of education, Akbar Ali, he told that they don’t have enough budget to construct new rooms or renovate the existing structure of the school.
“These matters are dealt on the provincial level, not district level. If the provincial government will provide us an adequate budget, we will maintain the building and also construct new rooms,” Akbar Ali added.
Shahnawaz Shan is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Ormara, Gwadar.
Translated by Muhammad Arsalan