Sagar Baloch

Pasni: The importance of Calotropis plants widely seen in district Pasni of Gwadar cannot be undermined. These plants add to the beauty of the coastal area. However, over the past few years, the quantity of these plants has considerably decreased.

Calotropis plants are naturally grown in the sandy areas of Pasni. This plant is called “Karak” in local language. This beautiful plant is also unique due to the natural presence of a milky mixture in them. This mixture can ooze out with even a very light cut on the leaves of the plant. For this reason, these plants are also known as milkweeds or milky sap plants.

Speaking to PakVoices, the forest guard of the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ali Buksh said that taking care of these plants is top most priority. However the quantity of plants has suffered in the past due to scanty rainfalls. He further added that due to recent rainfalls, the current condition and quantity of these plants will improve.