By Ashiq Ali Bajeer 

The monopoly of feudal landlords in Tharparkar is in danger as this time women of the region are actively taking part in the upcoming 2018 elections and challenging the monopoly of feudal lords over voters. One such brave Hindu woman, Sunita Parmar is contesting from Islamkot.

She will be the first woman from the minority Hindu community to contest the elections from PAS 56.

Sunita is almost 35 years of age and belongs to a middle-class family from Memon Tarr, a village in Islamkot in Thar where in addition to looking after her housework she provides education to the children of the area. She will contest as an independent candidate in the upcoming general elections.

Due to the participation of locals in the upcoming elections, not only the competition will become exciting in Tharparkar, but also will impose a great threat to the monopoly of the traditional landlords and family dominated politics.

The people in the villages in Tharparkar used to cast fewer votes because of the fear of the feudal lords who had absolute control over the people in their constituencies.

However, for the upcoming elections to be held in July, 28 people belonging to middle class families have submitted their forms for nominations for the provincial assembly seat of PS 56 from Islamkot. This change will be a progressive step for the people in Tharparkar.

There are total four provincial and two national assembly seats at Tharparkar for which a total of 125 people have submitted their forms for nominations.