By Sagar Sharma 

Even today many girls in the remote villages of Tharparkar are out of school. Those who are enrolled at the primary school face the shortage of female teachers and other basic facilities.

On the International Women’s Day, PakVoices citizen journalist Sharma has surveyed the far-flung girls’ schools in the district Tharparkar, Sindh province, capturing these stunning photos of girls who continue to suffer due to lack of basic resources in their schools.

Kamla Bai Kolhi is a teacher of Government Primary Girls School in a village Bhando, in Tharparkar. Many public schools in the remote villages are facing shortage of female teachers.


Girls primary schools lack basic facilities such as toilets and drinking water. According to the stats, out of 607 Girls Primary Schools, 187 schools lack drinking water in the district Tharparkar.


This girl is enrolled in Girls’ Primary School, Bhando, Tharparkar, but she is not sure if she would be able to continue her studies after primary.


Usually, girls’ education ends at the primary level in the rural areas of Tharparkar, according to local educationists.


These girls are studying in the open sky as the Girls primary school, Bhando lacks basic facilities such as the school building etc in Tharparkar district.


Many girls in the remote areas of Tharparkar are out of school as their parents prefer them to stay home.


Out of 607 girls primary schools, 282 schools are without shelter whereas 220 have no compound wall.


Only two percent of these girls make it to the graduation level in Tharparkar district.


Sagar Sharma is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Tharparkar, Sindh.

All photos by the author.