“Women in the Changing World”
PakVoices-Bytes For All (B4A)
March 8, 2017

Women’s rights are human rights: B4A through its initiative ‘Pak Voices’ outreach to women of those areas in Pakistan which seldom make it to the traditional media spotlight. Pak Voices is a platform, which includes women’s rights in general, particularly focusing the women from deprived parts of the country.

The International Women’s day provides an ample opportunity for stock taking of the past and road mapping for the future. Women in Pakistan face a peculiar situation where on one hand the country prides in electing first woman prime minister in the Muslim world and having women friendly legislation in place whereas on the other hand women are still facing violence on different accounts offline and online. So in this instance, one cannot escape experiencing the darkness around but at the same time, there is a ray of hope, through the recognition and implementation of women rights.

One way to do so is to uplift the women from marginalized communities and areas of Pakistan. B4A’s Pak Voices initiative focuses at South Punjab, Tharparkar (Sindh) and Makran Coast of Baluchistan, to address the anti-women attitudes and practices.

Women of these neglected parts of Pakistan are reeling under the impact of poverty, illiteracy and discrimination, besides the backward social practices and stereotypes. Pak Voices highlights these problems; spreads awareness about the solution of these issues hence plays enabling role for their uplift and mainstreaming. Pak Voices brings to light the courageous, enterprising and altruistic women of these far-flung areas of Pakistan who with their undaunting spirit and innovative ideas are struggling for their rights and of their fellow women.

One of the main issues facing the women of Pakistan’s poverty-ridden towns and villages is their lack of access to the digital resources, and women (urban/ rural) with access to the digital resources face technology driven violence against them. Pak voices assists these women and illuminate the path for them to enable them to cope with the challenges they face offline and online.

Hence, B4A strongly recommends the digital capacity building of women, girls and marginalized communities in particular, to prepare them to be part of the digital revolution in the changing world.