By Nizam Samoon 

Tharparkar is returning back to the normal life after receiving decent spell of rain this monsoon, providing relief to the drought-hit area. The usual hustle and bustle of the tourists can be seen across the desert, where tourists are flocking. The desert area offers a variety of picturesque views and the simple yet striking lifestyle of Tharis.


Karoonjhar hill is located in Nagarparkar in the Thar Desert, which attracts a lot of tourists after rain.


The well, which is known as “Marvi Well”, is the place where Marvi, a folk love character, was seen by the Prince Umer Soomro.


People who had been forced to migrate are coming back to their homes in Tharparkar after the rain.


It’s said that the Jain temple was built in the village Gori in 16th century.


The structure of the temple is in bad shape as not being preserved tell locals.


Marvi Well is located in village Bhalva in Tharparkar district.


Karoonjhar hill is known for its rocks as they belong to Aravalli range, the oldest rocks of the Earth’s crust.


Karoonjhar hill is 19 KM in length with 305 m height.


Nizam Samoon is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Tharparkar. 

Photos by Nizam Samoon and Sajid Bajeer