By Akbar Faqeer

PakVoices, Pasni

The sea continues to encroach upon the land in Pasni hitting the residential area in Pasni.

At present, the sea is making its way into the residential area in Pasni, part of Gwadar, southwestern port of Balochistan.

According to the locals, since the establishment of the fish harbor in Pasni, the sea is making inroads into the populated area of the town.

The work on the new safety wall was halted in 2015, leaving the residents of the affected area vulnerable.

The sea changed its direction towards the Bangla Bazaar, a residential area in Pasni, where a safety wall had been erected to protect the population.

The previous safety wall had been swept away by the sea almost a decade ago.

But the sea destroyed the wall and encroached upon the land sweeping away many houses and walls.

Many locals say that the sea changed its direction after the jetty was built in Pasni.

Wahid Baksh, a resident of Bangla Bazaar, is hit hard by the sea as his house was completely eaten up by the sea. He told PakVoices saying, ” My house came under the water forcing me to move to safer place.”

The residents of the area have been forced to vacate their houses and move to the higher places.

“I have not been even compensated by the government.”

The new safety wall was being erected but the work was halted in 2015.

Some people continue to live in their houses despite the encroaching sea.

Akbar Faqeer is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Pasni. 

All photos by the author

Edited by Hasan Khan