By Rafique Chakar 

Reportedly, the roof collapsed because of the use of substandard material at the school.

This building appears to have been bombed in a war or damaged badly in an earthquake as there is nothing but heaps of debris lying everywhere. We are told by the locals, it was neither a bomb nor an earthquake. But it was a roof collapse, which was caused due to use of the substandard material according to the local media reports. Luckily, there were no students inside the hall at the time of the collapse.

Government High school in Isa, a town of Panjgoor, was the first school established in the district which has developed into a Higher Secondary School over time but its examination hall has caved in affecting the students’ schedule as the exams are delayed or conducted in an open air.

The school has produced dozens of successful students who have excelled in their professions and recognized at the national and provincial level in social, political and educational arenas.

The school has been given funds to rebuild the facility according to the director colleges, but it has been spent on other things.

Ex-Deputy Chairman Senate, Sabir Baloch, Ex-member, provincial Assembly Nasir Ali Baloch, current provincial Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch are a few names among many of its notable alumni who rose to eminence on the national scene.

Two years ago, the roof of its only examination hall collapsed which left the hall in shambles. The hall is yet to be fixed. The students face extreme and harsh weather conditions during their examination. They have to sit outside in the open air, whether it is the scorching summer sun or cold winter winds.

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A senior student at the school, Sabir Ali talked to Pak Voices telling, “It’s been over two years since the roof of the examination hall fell down but it has not been rebuilt so far due to which the students are facing a lot of problems. The hall was not only used as examination centre but some senior level classes were also held in the hall”.

The hall was used to conduct examination and classes as well.

He further elaborated that the roof collapse has hindered teaching process at the school as well because there is no other hall to conduct senior-level special classes.

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Abdul Ghafoor Dashti, the Divisional Director Schools revealed while talking to PakVoices, “The school administration had been provided with funds for the restoration of the hall. But it is worrying that it has not been rebuilt yet.” He reassured that they would follow up with the school admin in order to get its reconstruction done on priority basis.

Mohammad Yaqoob Baloch, the headmaster High School Isa told Pak Voices that the funds provided for the reconstruction of the hall were not enough. “We need more funds to restore the hall. The amount provided by the government has been used to complete minor works and maintenance.”

He further said, “Not only the whole school is disturbed but also the exams are delayed at the school due to this issue.”

In this regard, Pak Voices also contacted District Education Officer, Sabeeha Khanam who told us:  “The delay in reconstruction of the examination hall is nothing but the inefficiency of the school administration. However, we will try to allocate more funds for its restoration and it will be reconstructed soon.”


Rafique Chakar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur, Balochistan. 

Photos by the writer