By Nazar Abbas

The price of Nakara goat has skyrocketed in the market as the Eid is nearing.

These white goats with pink ears walk in style as if they were walking on the ramp. Their diet is also special: almonds and chana in breakfast and desi ghee in lunch. Meet the special goats of Rajanpur in Southern Punjab whose prices skyrocket on the eve of Eid.

Just one day ahead of Eid Ul Azha Rajanpur’s cattle mandi has gone high in prices, where Nakra goats are being sold at a super expensive price of RS 2 lac.

After all, these are the Rajanpur’s goats with pink ears and crystal white body color. They are known as Nakra among the locals.

Nakara goat is the Rajanpur’s specialty which is in high demand across the country because of its beauty and the taste of the meat.

The white goats are sold across Pakistan. Normally, their prices range between RS 70 and RS 80 thousand but on the eve of Eid ul Azha the prices shoot up to RS 200 thousand.

Ghulam Fareed, a livestock breeder, told PakVoices, “To feed and raise these goats is costly and demanding as they are fed an expensive feed like almonds, desi ghee, and chana.”

Fareed added that complete whitish color and walking style of these goats is second to none.

Not everyone can afford them as connoisseurs of their meat in big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad buy them happily without much bargaining.

Nazar Abbas is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from South Punjab.

Edited by Hasan Khan

Translated by Salman Tahir