By Waleed Khan

Buffalos can be seen tied to pegs within the premises of the Examination Center.

This is a scene of a Government Examination Center in the suburbs of Rahim Yar Khan, where buffalos could be seen tied to pegs around every corner. The Education Department was totally in the dark about what is happening there.

The Government Education Department run Examination Center in Bhutta Wahan, a Union Council in Rahim Yar Khan, has been turned into a buffalo farm.

According to the locals, some influential people have allegedly occupied Higher Secondary Examination and Cluster Center.

The school building has been rendered dysfunction for the last seven years, locals tell.

As soon as one steps into the facility, buffalos could be seen tied all around. The people in the area say that the Centre has been deserted for the last seven years.

The local children have to travel to distant Exam Centers as the center in their area is no longer functional because of the illegal occupation.

According to local people, the facility has been allegedly occupied by an influential.

Mohammad Naeem, a tenth-grade student told PakVoices that due to the closure of local Examination Center, they have to go to centers located far from their place. “A lot of our precious time is wasted in traveling which ultimately affects our performance”.

The Students from Bhutta Wahan have to commute to Sadiqabad and their journey during exams causes a lot of distress.

When contacted by the PakVoices, Education Department’s top executive in the district showed his ignorance about the issue plaguing the examination center which is run by his department.

When contacted by PakVoices, Mukhtar Hussain, the Chief Executive Office Education Department, expressed his ignorance about the alleged occupation of Examination Center by the influential mafia. He said, “I don’t know about it but I will check it.”

Waleed Khan is reporting for PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Rahim Yar Khan. 

Translated by Tariq Mehmood