By Rafique Chakar 
The construction of the cricket stadium started in 2005 but could not be completed as the local government did not fulfill its part of the commitment.
Pending construction work on Panjgur cricket stadium has turned the stadium building structure into a safe haven for drug addicts instead of becoming a place for excelling our national sport.
The cricket stadium’s construction started in 2005 under an agreement between Pakistan Cricket Board and the district government.
According to the locals, the building is being used by the drug addicts.
Former District President of Panjgur District Cricket Association Reham Dil Baloch talking to Pak Voices told, “PCB and the District government had agreed to share the construction cost on a fifty-fifty basis. PCB has completed its share of work in one year but the district government has failed to complete its share despite the passage  of 13 years.”


“This is the sole cricket ground of entire district, which was to be constructed for the purpose of training sportsmen but due to its slow pace of construction the players are disappointed and the popularity of cricket is declining”, he said.
Nizam Naeem, a young cricket player talking to PakVoices on the slow pace of construction of stadium said, “The players of Panjgur are very talented and if the stadium would have been completed it could have become a cricket academy where senior players could have taught youngsters and become a launching pad for many talented young cricketers.”
“ Unfortunately the under construction building has become a ruin and is being used by drug addicts of the area for their own notorious purpose”, he added.
Some walls have started to crumble due to lack of any care at the building.
Responding to the issue, President District Cricket Association Naveed Ahmed said that provincial minister and district chairman have taken responsibility of the work but the truth is that still a lot of work needs to be done.
“Work on boring for underground water for the stadium has been completed and after completion of some minor work the representatives of PCB will come and take care of the rest of the work,” he told Pak Voices.
Rafique Chakar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Punjgur.
All photos by the author
Translated by Aneela Riazuddin


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