Qadir Bakhsh Sanjrani

The disrupted services of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) landline and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet has been a cause of nuisance at Panjgur. It has been estimated that only few people in Panjgur have availed the landline and internet services whereas majority of them are still deprived of it.

It is an alarming fact that some residents of Panjgur have not even heard of PTCL despite the fact internet has become a necessity in the new age. It is nearly impossible to carry on work activities including research, coordination and communication without internet services.

Despite the fact that PTCL landline and DSL Internet earns an estimate of Rs. 4 millions monthly, the provision of the service has not been up to the mark .There has been no expansion, repair and re-installation of the cables laid down by PTCL in the area since the year 1992. As the population of the area has increased, the residents have been thronging to newly built complexes. Most of the markets of Panjgur will also be shifting to these complexes in near future. However, there has been no planning done by PTCL to provide facilities to these highly populated areas such as City Area and Complex Bazar.

If PTCL had done timely expansion of their services and installed new quality wires, its customers would have increased to 12000 from 1200 which would have subsequently generated a monthly income of Rs. 40 millions to Rs. 50 millions. With the current conditions, it is estimated that the residents of Panjgur will remain deprived of the internet services for many years more. Local residents have been demanding that PTCL should upgrade their system and extend their modern services to Punjgur area so people ca nalso enjoy the internet services in far-flung areas.