By Partab Meghwar 
The site of the dam is located near Gorano village where the construction is in full swing.
Local villagers, social workers and organizations have been staging protests for the past three months against the deadly reservoir being constructed on 1,500 acres of land near Gorano Village.
Why is dam being built?
The reservoir is being built to dispose of brackish water taken out of the mining site in Block-II.
The pipe is being laid for the dumping of the chemical waste in the dam.
Of the 14 blocks identified for development, Gorano village is near Block-II of the current project that is headed by the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited (SECMC).
Who will be affected?
Poisonous water reservoir near Gorano village, 28 kilometers from Islamkot, will affect a population of 15000 and 12 villages nearby.
What are the Concerns of Gorano Residents?


Villagers are staging a protest in front of the press club, Islamkot.
The residents have expressed their concern about the purity of water that would be consumed by the people in that region. Besides the water supply, the natural habitat as well as the impact on climate, and the agriculture production will be affected due to the construction of the dam.
Trees are being chopped from the site of the dam for the construction of the dam.
With banners behind them naming the 12 villages that will be affected by the construction of the reservoir, forcing their populations to move elsewhere, the residents of Gorano say they won’t budge from their stance.
Partab Meghwar is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Islamkot. 
Photos by the author
Edited by Aneela Riazuddin


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