One of the fallen towers in Mand area (Photo: Zareef Baloch)
One of the fallen towers in Mand area (Photo: Zareef Baloch)

Originally published on PakVoices Pasni website in Urdu

Report: Zareef Baloch and Feroz Jan

Translated by: Salman Latif

At 4 p.m. on June 21, power supply to Gwadar, Pasni, Turbat, Panjgur, Kech and numerous other villages of Makran division broke down. These areas of the Makran receive electric supply directly fom Iran. The elecricity towers in the area of Mand near the border of Pakistan and Iran crashed after high-speed winds and storm swept the area. This instantly led to a breakdown in the supply to nearly 90% of the Makran division.

The division, like most of the rest of Pakistan, is facing an unusual heat wave tipping the mercury above and beyond 40 degrees celsius. Given that it is also the holy month of Ramzan during which most people fast, the heat-wave combined with the loadshedding has made lives miserable for the people.

According to PakVoices reporters, ice sold in the markets has become a premium product. While it costs less than 50 rupees per kilogram usually, ice is currently being sold at more than a 100 rupees per kilogram in Turbat whereas in Gwadar and Pasni it is barely available.

Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) which is responsible for electric supply in the region, says that it will take some time before the towers could be restored. Some have unofficially stated that it will take another two days before the electric supply could be revived.