By Dawood Tahir

Pharmaceutical Associations closed all the medical stores in Bahawalpur to protest amends in Drug Act.

The Druggists, Chemists and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations went on complete strike in Bahawalpur city after the Punjab Government is pushing for amendments in Drug Act. They took out rallies on the Circular road and threatened to block the road.

Pharmacies in front of Bahawal Victoria Hospital closed. Photo Credit: Dawood Tahir

Reportedly, major cities in Punjab have witnessed partial shutdowns of pharmacies triggering the shortage of medicines.

Pharmaceutical Associations have shut down all the medical stores in front of Bahawal Victoria Hospital causing serious trouble to the patients as they are seen desperately looking for medicines.

This area is the main source of medicines for the patients of the hospital and other citizens in the city.

One of the relatives of the patient, named Muhammad Fahad told PakVoices, “My cousin is in the operation theater but we are struggling to find medicines anywhere.”

He lamented, “No one cares about the common man.”

The Chemists have threatened to continue their strike indefinitely until the government withdraws its decision to amend the Drug Act 1976.  One of the local owners of the medical store, without giving his name, blamed the Punjab government for the situation saying, “If anything happens to any patient due to the shortage of medicines, the Punjab government will be responsible as they have taken a unilateral decision.”

The proposed amendments in the drug law will introduce stricter regulation of pharmaceutical market including severe punishment for manufacturing and sale of fake drugs.

About Author: Dawood Tahir is a citizen journalist working with PakVoices based in Bahawalpur.

Edited by Hasan Khan