Internet users in Pakistan reportedly faced issues in accessing X, as the social media site was “restricted”, NetBlocks tweeted.

When users on X attempted to load the social media site, the notice “this site can’t be reached” would appear, preventing them from viewing posts.

The nation has recently had repeated interruptions to social media and the internet, particularly during the few months following the general election of 2024.

On Saturday night, the internet community bemoaned their inability to connect to X for several hours.

In addition, the nation experienced interruptions last month on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other streaming sites. Additionally, internet service provider PTCL was also affected.

Metrics show that X/Twitter has now been restricted in Pakistan for 24 hours, the latest and longest in a series of nation-scale internet censorship measures imposed by authorities as reports of election fraud emerge, Netblock tweeted