Badil Baloch

The unfavorable state of electric cables installed in Kalmat village by Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) is imposing great dangers to the residents of the area.

There are no noticeable safety measures taken by the supply company to render protection to the lives of both humans and animals of the village. The electric cables can be seen hanging from the poles while some of them have even fallen on the ground which may cause any unfortunate incident sooner or later.

It has also been observed that a 200 Watt transformer has also been put on the ground near the residential area which is a common place for the children to play. In this way, the children are at a greater risk of succumbing to the dangers due to the lack of safety measures.

Local people have claimed that they have requested the departmental staff and the employees to work on this issue before any unpleasant incident takes place. Therefore, concerned authorities are urged to take action on it as soon as possible.