By Hani Ramzan 

Koh-e-Zareen offers a great view from its top position.

Koh e Zareen is located about five kilometers from Pasni city of Gwadar district in Balochistan. It’s 500 to 600 feet tall and spread over three kilometers. There are stairs which take you to the top of the hill. Due to its elevated position, Koh-e-Zareen offers a breathtaking view of the city and the beach as well.

Zareen Beach is one of the cleanest beaches on the coastal belt of Balochistan.

During my visit to the Koh-e-Zareen, I came across a group of young people who had been on a tour of various beaches of the Balochistan. One of them, Danish Bahram said talking about Zareen, “We have not seen such breathtaking views from anywhere but from Koh Zareen.”

The stairs were made to climb the top of the rock but they are no longer intact, demanding the attention of the authorities.

Though the present condition of the stairs demands some repairs, a local poet from Pasni Irfan Aslam said in a conversation with PakVoices. He said that the place could attract a lot of tourists from Karachi and other urban areas of the country if the place is developed in a proper way. At present, it’s a daunting task to climb all the way to the top due to rough patches but still worth the climb.

During vacations, local people flock to the place to view the beach.


The sand dunes at the Zareen Beach attract the attention of every visitor.


The place offers a great view of the approaching waves at the beach.


Koh-e-Zareen also offers a peep into the city but due to haze, the city could not be captured.


Hani Ramzan is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Pasni, Gwadar. 

All photos by the author