By Barkatullah Baloch 

Junaid Basham, a rising footballer from Gwadar. 

Soccer is a favorite game of the people of Gawadar, producing such talented footballers who have not only given the best performance at the national level but also shined at international level. Gwadar’s footballers have the honor to win against the teams of Oman and other countries as well.

Gwadar’s young Junaid Basham is also one of the talented footballers, who has got the honor of playing in foreign football clubs as well.

Junaid is currently studying in China. In June this year, he participated in the trials camp for Columbia under 23 soccer team and succeeded in achieving crown of selection proving the ability to decorate his promising career.

Junaid Basham. 

He also played a magnificent role in playing his team with the Colombia Under 23 team in Guatemala Cup in China that was held in August this year. He played as a striker during the Guatemala Cup. In the main matches, two very stunning goals were also scored by him.

Due to the great performance of Junaid, the Columbia Football Club had won the third position in the Guatemala Cup. He represented Pakistan in the tournament and took the green flag in the inaugural ceremony.

Junaid at the moment is also a key footballer for Shenyang Jianzhu University team.

Talking to PakVoices Junaid said, “Playing in the Guatemala Cup and representing Pakistan is a big honor for me,” adding, “I had a lot of opportunities to learn in this tournament.”

Junaid calls football a part of his life. His biggest dream in football is representing the national team and playing a World Cup.

The legendary footballer Ronaldo is his favorite player. He dreams to make for himself an important place in the game like Ronaldo one day.

Speaking about his football career, Junaid said, “I am fond of playing football since my childhood and spent hours on the beach in Gawadar to realize my dream.”

Junaid is an emerging star in football as he has all the capabilities to become a star footballer.

Talking about the talent in Pakistan he said, “There are good soccer players and there is no lack of talent if they are given opportunities.”

Barkatullah Baloch is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Gwadar. 

All photos by the writer.