By Zareef Baloch
Local and tourists from outside flock to the Juddi beach especially during the summer holidays.
If one is looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Juddi beach, located in the center of mountain peaks along the Makran coastal line, is a must place to visit.
Juddi beach just 5 km away from Pasni city, is said to be amongst the beautiful beaches of the world. A hot spot for tourists as well as locals who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.
According to a local Ghulam Yasin Bazenjo, who is also a journalist, “Juddi has become one of the biggest attractions not just for the locals but for outside tourist as well. People come here for enjoyment and relaxation.”
This is known as Juddi mountain further enhancing the beauty of the beach.


 “Tourist who come to the beach capture the beauty into their cameras”, he added.
Another local and a Journalist Akram Sahib Khan told PakVoices, “ Eid Holidays and summers are the most popular times to visit the beach and immense rush of people is seen during this time”.
Prayer place of Hazrat Khizar Hayat located at the coast line of Juddi is also a popular spot for tourists. Devotees from far flung areas come to visit and pay homage.
Local artists and students make sculptures with the sand on the beach showing their creativity.


 “Juddi is an important picnic point of Makran. The people choose this beach because of its natural beauty and pleasant weather that have no match anywhere”, local tourist Qazi Mehran said.
Juddi is also home to seagulls that migrate from Cyberia.
According to Marine Biologist Asadullah, “Many species of seagulls, which have migrated from Cyberia, exist on the Juddi beach as well as Green turtles.”
Juddi also hosts migratory seagulls from Cyberia.


Besides the birds, sea stars, sea shells and sea cucumbers and other sea plants are also found on the beach, he said.

Local artists also make sand sculptures on the beach to display their artistic creativity. A few months back a sand art competition was held in which students of public schools participated, which got great coverage nationally and even internationally.
Social and literary organizations also organize Eid Mela at Juddi beach, in which Balochi musical show, poetry and cultural shows are held which are also a great source of enjoyment for tourists.
Zareef Baloch is working with PakVoices as a citizen journalist from Pasni. 
Translated and edited by Aneela Riazuddin