By Nizam Samoon and Raja Shad

Gori temple is also known as a White Temple because of the stunning white marble used on its facade. However, it’s partially damaged due to lack of maintenance.

Jain Gori Temple is located in Nagarparkar, Thar near Pakistan-India border. It is said to have been built in the 16th century by a rich Hindu and dedicated after the 23rd Jain prophet, Lord Parashwanath.

There is a village of Gori near the temple where the Jain followers used to live before partition. Over the period of time, the temple’s condition has deteriorated because of lack of maintenance. Still, the White Temple continues to attract tourists who usually flock to the place during the rainy season.


The domes of the temple reflect a typical Jain temple architecture style.


Inside the temple, art work is displayed on the roof and the pillars.


Mural paintings could be seen on the walls of the temple.


The ceiling has also unique and attractive art patterns that draw the attention of the visitors.


Despite its archeological value, the temple seems to have been abandoned and neglected.


There are several rooms and small worship places inside the temple.


The narrow opening leads to the basement at the temple.


By restoring the temple to its original condition, a lot of tourists of Jain faith across the border could be attracted.